About Johnny Sells

Johnny Sells is a Realtor with a proven track record of working with families and individuals to help them achieve their home ownership dreams. 

He specializes in rural and country properties in the Wellington, Erin and Waterloo areas.

"Life's Good!  Real Estate should be too"

The Challenge
We met Johnny Sells while looking for open houses in the Caledon area. We hit it off right away and we talked Real Estate for a couple months. When Johnny approached us asking how we could help with a website, we were happy to help where we could.

Johnny was a natural realtor – friendly, professional, knowledgeable and everything you needed in an agent. His digital prescience needed some work however, and we got to work designing a website to showcase his personality, instead of listings.
The Solution

The first step was a website that functioned as a bridge to new clients;  listings seems too sales-y for Johnny Sells, and we designed something that gave information, education, and that friendly warm demeanour that is a hallmark of Johnny’s own personality.  

From there we moved into leveraging a few options as needed: some social media posts and ads, graphic design work, an email marketing campaign, and search engine optimization.  

For a short time, Johnny Sells branched out into a couple different domains – the main platform, a rural-specific website, and a commercial property focused one.

Web Development
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Email newsletter

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